This orchard is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, 21 miles north of Hilo on the Hamakua Coast
above Maulua Bay.  It is about a 25 minute drive to Hilo and 45 minutes to Waimea.

   18.659 acres at 500 foot elevation consisting of two parcels of land adjoining at Okole stream and bordered on the Hilo side by Huliilii stream which is the main    spring water source for the surrounding properties and  irrigation of the orchards. The   property consists of two orchards, the first older orchard having a house, workshop   and small guesthouse, and the second orchard having two prime building sites with access to electricity.

    Main crop trees: 400 Rambutan, 75 Mangosteen, 56 Durian, 54 Longan and 65 Lychee.
The first orchard also contains a collection of various fruit trees including Atemoya, Avocado, Bananas, Abiu, Mango, Citrus, Star Apple, Carambola and Mamey Sapote.
    Member of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Co-operative.  Membership transfers to new owners.
Sold rambutan, longan and lychee through co-op for past two years. Rambutan sold to mainland markets.  Also rambutan, longan, lychee, durian, abiu and star-apple sold to vendor at local Farmers Market over last 2 years.

   23 HP Ferris zero-turn mower, John Deere mower, orchard trailer, orchard ladders,
fruit washer for washing rambutan, pole saw pruner.

   1500sqft, 3 bedroom, 1 bath country house with covered 20x24' carport and large lanai with fruit washer where fruit is destalked, graded and washed.  Solidly constructed by owner, unpermitted.
    A one bedroom, one bath guesthouse is nearby.

    Steel workshop: 32'x42'x17'

   On first orchard, water catchment: 8500 gall., telephone, complete solar independence. 
Generator and inverter for 110 power.  Ample battery storage. 
The second orchard has access to electricity from the bottom of the property.

    Laupahoehoe Elementary, Intermediate and High School.  Bus goes by  for St Joseph Elementary and Jr/Sr High School.

   Ag 20   Land Tenure:  Fee Simple.  2001/2002 Property taxes:  $ 867.90

   James and Janine Postlewait.
    P.O.Box 12,
    Ninole, HI 96773. 
    email: postlewt@interpac.net

    Property offers privacy and income.  The existing house could be used as a rental when your dream home is built. The farm can easily be managed by a couple.